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For us every employee is a pillar of recommendation for future potential customers.
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We can provide the employer with personnel on a leasing basis for greater flexibility.
Accommodation & food
We support the well-being of employees by providing meal and accommodation facilities.
Recruitment and Worker Placement

Personal ASIA Manpower

When we founded the “Personal Asia Manpower” agency, we truly understood the importance of the right employees for the success of any business. Many entrepreneurs struggle with the challenge of finding skilled workers and dealing with their unexpected departures. As such, we’ve dedicated ourselves to refining our recruitment and worker placement methods.

Through meticulously crafted interview and testing processes, we ensure we select the ideal candidates for your needs. We specialize in consultancy and training to integrate workers from Asia into the Romanian job market. Our role doesn’t just stop at hiring. We provide ongoing support to ensure a seamless and harmonious collaboration between employers and employees.

Integrity and respect are the pillars upon which our success stands. We commit to fostering a working environment built on trust and mutual respect. If you’re ready to turn challenges into opportunities and expand your business, we’re here to help.

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Personal Asia Manpower

Staff available for immediate employment

As of April 1st, we have the following personnel for leasing.

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Civil constructions
Industrial constructions
CNC Operator
PCB assembly
Assembling car parts
International chef
Assistant chef
Cleaning agent
Manual packer
Cargo handlers
Driver cat B, C, CE
Recruitment - Placement Services Personal Asia Manpower

Personal Asia has the WINNING solution

We understand the importance of having the right people in the right places and we are dedicated to helping you achieve this balance. We’re here with you to make sure every team member is in the right position. The one where they can make the greatest contribution and where everyone feels valued and motivated.


Accommodation, Food and Medical Facilities

Accommodation, meals and medical facilities are essential needs that can be a significant challenge for clients and candidates. Asia Manpower has created a professional facilities management team specifically dedicated to finding comfortable and safe accommodation solutions for Asian workers. What’s more, we have a team of talented Asian chefs on staff to provide a healthy Asian menu.

"Personal Asia Manpower is proving to be a reliable ally in addressing effective strategies by providing comprehensive, end-to-end recruitment and placement services for skilled workers in Asia."
personal asia manpower
personal asia manpower

Would you like to contact us?

We have solutions for all your business problems.

Would you like
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personal asia manpower

We have solutions for all your business problems.

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in Brasov since 2017


Strategy to merge Asian workforce with local business

Our team brings a wealth of experience to identify optimal strategies to help our clients achieve their long-term goals.


We believe that the success of a business depends largely on the people behind it. By connecting Romanian employers with quality human resources in Asia, we want to contribute to the continued growth and development of the Romanian economy.

Our mission is to provide effective staffing solutions tailored to the needs of each business and to facilitate successful collaborations across cultures.

Personal Asia Manpower becomes your main business partner when others choose to resign.

  • Integrity: we guide all our actions according to ethical principles and respect all stakeholders for a sustainable working relationship.
  • Quality: we are dedicated to providing high quality services for both employers and employees.
  • Respect: we emphasise mutual respect in all our relationships, for a close bond between us and our employees.
  • Innovation: we are always looking for new and effective ways to meet the needs of our customers through our various programmes.

We want to be recognized as the top agency in Romania for Asian staffing services. Offering high quality services and actively contributing to local business development.

We envision a Romania where diversity is not only accepted, but sought after for the values and perspectives it brings.

Through our services, we want to make this dream a reality. We aim to facilitate lasting connections between employers and employees from different cultures, building bridges of understanding and collaboration.


True Stories

Over the years, we have facilitated bridges between Asian staff and the various opportunities available in Romania. In the Real Stories section, you will discover real cases of people who have fulfilled their professional and personal aspirations through our services.

Personal Asia Manpower

Voice of Asia

Voice of Asia represents the rich and diverse cultures, traditions and histories of the Asian continent.

The Voice of Asia YouTube channel is a valuable resource for anyone interested in learning more about the rich and diverse cultures, traditions and stories of the Asian continent. Through its commitment to amplifying marginalized voices and addressing pressing social issues, the channel is a powerful tool for promoting positive change and better cross-cultural understanding.

Discover Asia
Follow us to discover the culture, diverse communities and inspiring stories that make Asia the world's most dynamic region.
Social and Cultural Impact
We discuss the most important challenges in recruitment, integration and the importance of intercultural training.
Personal Asia Manpower



Keep up to date with the latest news from the Romanian labour market.

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I am an Asian Employee in Romania: What Rights and Obligations Do I Have?

Working in a foreign country can be an exciting experience, but it also comes with its challenges. For Asian employees who choose to work in Romania, knowing your rights and obligations is essential for a positive and productive work experience.…
personal asia manpower

Increasing demand for specialized personnel from Asia in Romania

In recent years, the Romanian labour market has undergone a significant change. Demand for Asian staff has increased, a phenomenon fuelled by several converging factors. Rapid economic development and the expansion of key sectors have created an increased appetite for…

Personal Leasing: A Safe Strategy for the Success of Your Business

Staff leasing, an increasingly common practice in modern economies, is a flexible employment solution that benefits both employers and employees. Essentially, it means that a third party (usually a recruitment agency) hires staff and then “rents” or “leases” them to…
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Promoting responsibility in recruiting employees from Asia

As the Romanian labour market becomes increasingly internationalised, responsible and ethical recruitment of foreign employees, especially Asian ones, has become a priority. This trend focuses not only on filling the staff shortage, but also on ensuring a fair and constructive…
personal asia

Employment Conditions and Benefits of Asian Staff Integration

Attracting and integrating Asian staff has become a major trend amidst increasing global interconnections and the dynamic needs of the Romanian labour market. To ensure a successful and beneficial integration process, it is important to understand both the specific employment…
personal asia manpower

The Advantages of Working with Specialized Asian Recruiting Agencies

The workforce is rapidly diversifying, giving companies the opportunity to access talent from around the world. Romania, in particular, has become an attractive destination for Asian staff. In this context, collaboration with an agency specialized in the recruitment of this…
Personal Asia Manpower

Recruiting Asian Workers in Romania: A Preliminary Guide for Employers

Romania is increasingly feeling the benefits of the influx of Asian workers, an emerging market in the local economic environment. This new labour landscape calls for a comprehensive guide to assist employers in the recruitment and integration of Asian staff.…
Personal Asia Manpower

The Labor Force Crisis in Romania: Causes and Areas Affected

Romania is currently going through a severe labour crisis, a complex phenomenon that spans multiple economic sectors. At the heart of this crisis are a number of factors such as the massive migration of Romanian workers to other EU countries,…

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