Recruitment of professional drivers

Asian Staff Recruitment - Specialization: Professional Drivers

In a world in constant motion, the need to recruit professional drivers has grown exponentially. Discover the potential and advantages of recruiting Asian staff specialized in this industry by recruiting Asian workers.

  • Intermediation for the recruitment and bringing to Romania of drivers with categories C, CE, D.
  • Assistance in obtaining professional certificates (ADR, CPI and CPC cargo transport certificate, CPI and CPC passenger transport certificate).
  • Support for the procurement of the tachograph card.

By collaborating with us, you benefit from an efficient and quality recruitment process, adapting promptly to your business requirements.

recrutare personal asiatic

Recruitment of professional drivers

What can a professional Asian driver offer differently?

  • Reliability: The reputation of Asian drivers is based on professionalism, respect and integrity.
  • English at a conversational level: Facilitates communication and operation in an international context, quickly adapting to varied requirements and situations on the road.
  • Contractual stability: With a 2-year contract, you can count on continuous service without interruptions or frequent changes.
  • Professionalism and seriousness: Their mission is not just to lead, but to do so to the highest standards. Motivated by a desire to improve their living conditions, they are willing to work overtime to meet the demands of the job.

Why choose our Asian staffing company?

The quality of employees

It relies on a dedicated, serious and well-trained staff to face the challenges of transport. We can make it possible to place them exactly in the company team.

Zero administrative complications

Leave all the administrative aspects and documents to us! From work permits to visas, we take care of everything, so you can focus on your business.

Recruitment of professional drivers

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