Our history is like a fascinating mosaic of experiences and connections. Each piece has been an opportunity turned career, and each step testifies to the commitment to the professional future of those we bring together.
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More than 6 years of experience

Personal Asia Manpower continues the path initiated by Corona Business Projects, following the rebranding process in 2023. Below, we present some significant moments from the recruitment and placement agency’s journey through its history.

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Years of experience
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  • The Beginning of the Adventure

    Corona Business Project

    The journey started with Ritu and Anant, who have worked and lived in Europe and Africa respectively for more than 20 years. They are aware of the need for acceptance and integration of diverse work cultures, as well as the distinct differences between Asian and European work cultures.


  • Intercultural training

    We ensure market needs

    Understanding the needs and challenges of the market, we introduce intercultural training. We are the only company that offers such training, ensuring performance in the work we do.


  • Year of the pandemic

    Challenges and Solutions

    A year in which the world stood still, and the year Personal Asia Manpower started its local recruitment division. Hundreds of Asians lost their jobs as companies were forced to close and cut productivity overnight.


  • Complete solutions

    End-to-End Services

    Personal Asia Manpower is the only company in the country that offers global recruitment, no-cost replacement, documentation assistance, cross-cultural trainings, accommodation facilities, Asian food, catering services, medical assistance, and legal assistance for Asians.


  • Voice of Asia

    Launch Podcast Channel

    The Voice of Asia YouTube channel is an essential platform for exploring the cultural diversity of the Asian continent. By addressing current social issues and promoting intercultural dialogue, Voice of Asia actively contributes to building a more understanding and harmonious world.
  • Flexible solutions

    Strategic objectives

    We have dedicated time to explore and deepen flexible workforce solutions, adapted to the dynamics of an unpredictable economy. This process includes continually evaluating and adjusting strategies as the market evolves.
  • Leasing of Personnel


    Asia Manpower staff has received authorisation from the Ministry of Labour as a temporary employment agent. With this, Personal Asia Manpower can supply trained Asian labour at any time.
Personal Asia Manpower

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