A variety of professionals for various industry sectors

With extensive access to the Asian labor market, we are able to recruit specialists for various sectors, including:

  • Metallurgy: Workers with specialized skills in working and forming metals.
  • Machine Construction and Subassembly: Experts in the design, assembly and maintenance of industrial equipment.
  • Shipyards: Professionals who know the depth of shipbuilding and repair.
  • Textile, food and wood industries: Qualified personnel who bring added value through their experience and dedication.
domenii de recrutare personal asia

Maximizing production with the help of skilled Asian specialists.

Bringing Asian staff into the industrial sector is not just a trend, but a strategic solution. Here’s why:

  • Seriousness and commitment: Asian employees are renowned for their professional attitude and focus on quality work.
  • Productivity and flexibility: Due to their determination to improve their living conditions, they are often available for overtime, thus guaranteeing a constant work flow.
  • Language skills: Their ability to communicate in English facilitates interaction and reduces possible communication barriers.
  • Stability and durability: With contracts extending over a period of 2 years, you can be sure of the continuity and cohesion of your team.

Why choose our Asian staffing company?

Quality not just Quantity

The Asian labor market offers a rare combination of volume and competence, one of the most valuable and attractive resources for companies and organizations across the globe.

A Simplified Process

We take care of all the administrative formalities, from work permits to visas, so you can channel all your resources and energy into managing your business.

Personal Asia Manpower

We have recruitment solutions for most fields of activity. We can provide emergency staffing for your business.

Choose our professional services

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