Recruitment for industrial production

A variety of professionals for different industry sectors

With extensive access to the Asian labour market, we have recruitment capabilities for industrial production, specialists for various sectors including:

  • Metallurgy: Workers with specialised skills in metal processing and forming.
  • Machine Building and Sub-Assemblies: Experts in the design, assembly and maintenance of industrial equipment.
  • Shipyards: Professionals with an in-depth knowledge of shipbuilding and ship repair.
  • Textile, food and wood industries: Skilled personnel who add value through their experience and dedication.

Recruitment for industrial production

Maximising production with the help of qualified Asian specialists.

Bringing Asian staff into manufacturing is not just a trend, but a strategic solution. Here’s why:

  • Seriousness and commitment: Asian employees are renowned for their professional attitude and their focus on quality of work.
  • Productivity and flexibility: Due to their determination to improve their living conditions, they are often available for overtime, thus ensuring a steady workflow.
  • Language skills: Their ability to communicate in English facilitates interaction and reduces possible communication barriers for all those who choose to recruit for industrial production.
  • Stability and sustainability: With contracts that extend over 2 years, you can be sure of continuity and cohesion within your team.

Bringing Asian staff into the industrial sector is not just a trend, but a successful strategy for companies.

Recruitment for industrial production

Why choose our company for Asian recruitment?

Quality not just quantity

The Asian labor market is a valuable resource that can provide companies and organizations with a number of significant benefits. By leveraging the quality and diversity, companies can gain a competitive advantage in the global marketplace.

A simplified process

Take advantage of our expertise and leave the red tape to us! We offer a streamlined process for obtaining work permits and visas, saving you time and energy to focus on growing your business.

Recruitment for industrial production

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