Classic recruitment and staff leasing

At Personal Asia Manpower, we are dedicated to excellence in responsible recruitment and selection. We are committed to facilitating the full integration of new members into your team, while ensuring a high level of productivity and organizational stability.

With a deep understanding of the complexities of the labor market, we offer a service that transcends traditional recruitment processes, ensuring compliance with all legal regulations at every stage of the process through an end-to-end integrated service.


The objective of the Process

Our vision is to create sustainable and productive partnerships between employers and employees. With this goal in mind, we have developed perfect strategies to succeed in the complexity of the labor market, eliminating obstacles that may arise in the recruitment and selection process.


From the beginning, we set the right expectations for all participants, creating a solid foundation for future collaborations between employers and employees.

Support steady

Beyond the initial recruitment process, we provide ongoing support to ensure a smooth and harmonious integration of new employees to increase productivity.

Guarantee Quality

We are aware that unpleasant surprises can occur; for these reasons, we offer quick solutions, including replacing staff when necessary.


Our Strategy

We place great emphasis on creating a work environment that promotes stability, efficiency and professional growth. Our responsible recruitment strategy includes:

 Before we start the recruitment process, we conduct a thorough analysis of your needs and objectives.

We identify the right candidates who not only align with the technical requirements of the role, but also adhere to your company culture and values.

We offer regular feedback sessions to both employers and candidates to facilitate transparent and constructive communication.

Let's build the future together!

Together we hope to build a beneficial and long-lasting working relationship, successfully completing each responsible recruitment process by finding the most appropriate allocation in a way that satisfies all parties involved.

By choosing us, you are not just choosing a service, but a partner dedicated to your success. We are committed to adding value at every stage of the process, ensuring a sustainable and mutually beneficial partnership.

We foster a culture of excellence, where every hire is seen not just as a fulfillment of a role, but as an investment in the future, with a strong focus on each individual’s continued professional growth and development.